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Candidate Registration

Our consultancy fee is Rs. 300/- as cash and in Bank Transaction. and this fees is for whole year. We will inform you personally for every option we have related to you. you have to renew your registration after one year. Registration Process
  1. Kindly deposit 300/- in our Banks account or Paytm
  2. Kindly mail us the copy of bank receipt and your resume
  3. Kindly place your photo on the top of resume
Terms And Conditions
  1. Registration fees will not be refundable in any condition.
  2. Registration will be valid for one year.
  3. We will inform you about any of job opening by mail/sms/phone calls.
  4. If you are not responding on any of above then responsibility will be yours. ( We will not consider your registration as valid for remaining period. )
  5. Once you proceed for any interview process and if you are selected and not join on call then we will not consider your registration as valid for remaining period.
  6. Security amount can be demanded from candidate at the time or before interview process, if candidate not selected then amount will be refund as 100% and if candidate selected and not join due to any of reason then security amount will forfeited by Rider Security & Allied Service.
  7. Once candidate joined and after getting first salary if he/she fired by the company due to non-performance Rider Placement Service Network will not responsible for the same.
  8. Candidate have to check the company and other facts on his own responsibility. Once selection process is over Rider Placement Service Network will not entertain any claim on it.
  9. Consultancy fees will be range 8.33% to 20% depend on conditions applied.
  10. Our motto is to work transparently, we never involved in any illegal / fraudulent recruitment and this is our pride.
  11. If the candidate create any new sense and found in gossiping with other candidates then Rider Placement Service Network will be free to take action against that candidate.
  12. Before doing any commitment at our office candidate has to confirm from his family, once the commitment is done then candidate has full fill it.If Rider Placement Service Network have any dobt on it then we can confirm from his parents.
  13. In case of payment made by check then consent will be given by the candidate to Rider Placement Service Network for clearing that cheque in our Bank. In case cheque bounced Rider Placement Service Network will be free to take legal action against the candidate.
  14. In case of any dispute Bhopal will be area of jurisdiction.
  15. Rider Placement Service Network will not take any responsibility, if any payment has done to any one in our Name. You have to take receipt of payment or deposit in our bank account only.

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