Vacancy Vacancy Thu, 22 Feb 2018 06:00:47 +0530 en-us Sales and Marketing Executives Wed, 23 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Job Description:\r\nSEX- MALE AND FEMALE ( PREFER)\r\nJob Skills and Requirements\r\n- Customer Service skills: The customer is always right. The candidate should\r\nbe amiable and also understand the needs and requirements of customers.\r\nThe candidate must communicate all the possible options to the customers.\r\n- Communication skills: The Different features of the product should be\r\narticulated well to the customers and all the queries related to the diverse\r\nfeatures of product should be informed to the customer.\r\n- Flexibility: The candidate has to be flexible in regard to the working hours.\r\nThe profile might require long working hours or may be weekends.\r\n- Persistence: Every pitch will not lead to a sale. The quality to bounce back if\r\nthe sale doesn’t happen is the key factor for this job profile.\r\n- Necessary skills: Excellent negotiation, selling and communication skills are\r\nthe integral features.\r\n- Time management and organisational skills are the key aspects for the job.\r\n- MS Office: The candidate must have the adequate knowledge of MS word\r\nand PowerPoint. It is important to be able to deliver the presentations to the\r\ntailored needs of the audience.\r\n- Candidate must be open to all kinds of feedback at workplace.\r\n\r\nHours of work: 10a.m. – 7p.m.\r\nSalary: INR 1,80,000 - 2,75,000 P.A.\r\nIndustry: Service\r\nRole: Sales Executive/ Marketing Executive